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The First Line of Defense for On-Site Nuclear Detection

CoDeAc Solutions is bringing greater speed, accuracy, and peace of mind to on-site detection of uranium and plutonium.

About Us

CoDeAc Solutions is a revolutionary product that provides a visual color change when brought into contact with uranium or plutonium. Our proprietary solution enables the quick, convenient, and accurate detection of uranium and plutonium across a wide range of applications and environmental conditions.

Image by Nicolas HIPPERT
About Us
Image by Rayner Simpson


Safety, Speed, and Accuracy: CoDeAc Solutions provides a quick, easy, and accurate detection method that supports risk mitigation and increases on-site detection capacity​.

On-Site Detection: CoDeAc Solutions’ instantaneous colorimetric detection technology works across a range of environmental conditions and use cases—including conditions where the use of a Geiger counter is infeasible. This operational flexibility ensures that no time is wasted waiting for a laboratory to determine the presence of nuclear contamination. This critical knowledge saves time, money, and—most importantly—lives.


Image by Matt Chesin

First Responders

CoDeAc Solutions is the first line of defense in the detection and containment of a nuclear incident. Our proprietary product can make the job of first responders safer by enabling the rapid and accurate detection of uranium and plutonium. Armed with this information, first responders can contain an area with greater speed and accuracy, saving lives in the process.

Image by Lukáš Lehotský

Nuclear Energy Facilities

CoDeAc Solutions can provide existing and new nuclear energy facilities with a quick and uncomplicated way of monitoring safety, maintenance, and security across the footprint of the facility.

Image by Ivan Bandura

Water Treatment and Conveyance Systems

CoDeAc Solutions can be used to ensure the safety of water supplies by providing rapid detection of uranium and plutonium in municipal drinking water, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

Image by Oskar Kadaksoo

Points of Entry

In our globalized world, people and goods crisscross borders with such velocity and volume that it is difficult to know with certainty what is entering and exiting. CoDeAc Solutions provides airports, port facilities, and other points of entry with a inexpensive, accurate, and quick means of ensuring that no nuclear materials pass surreptitiously across national borders.


Medical Facilities and Academic Institutions

CoDeAc Solutions offers peace of mind to medical and academic facilities that run radiological units. Our technology offers a cost-effective means of ensuring that uranium and plutonium remain contained.

Image by Darren Halstead


CoDeAc Solutions is designed with the needs of the military in mind. Our simple, rugged, and effective product is small and light enough to carry in a pack, making it the ideal nuclear detection solution for front line and special operations uses.

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